The aftermath....

Well it's all over and done... The event on Sunday didn't really go off with a bang. More a slow movement of people. Attendance was fairly good. People moving around the displays - most people stayed for most of the day. Taking the opportunity to sit around and talk in groups about their topics of interest.

The RepRap was impressive. The other exhibitors looked on at a large crowd around the RepRap while the RepRap made it's droning noise and generally looked all sparkly.

I ended up with all my hair - the promise to cut off in quarters only enough to get a few people to actively seek out my little jar sitting next to a set of clippers. The suggestion was made that perhaps I could cut it off in the percentage that we had in the jar (1.5%)... okay - so that was a flop.

Instead, I ended up talking to some really interesting people. People who are passionate about Open Source Software, it's practical applications and how people can generally benefit, approaches to advocacy etc. Piratical suggestions for POINTS and how we can proceed. I'll be putting a blog up on the POINTS site soon (points.org.nz) - watch for this. I realised that I've only gotten started. I mean, I was sort of looking for SFD to be a great time to open it and it was a step - but it's a single step. So it looks like I'm going to continue to be busy....

But that can wait just a couple of days - I'm exhausted. I didn't realise just how much I was pushing myself until I got home last night. I had a beer, fell on the couch and slept.... I need to work smarter.

Anyway, back to the title - the aftermath...

There is now a lot of discussion on how we can do this better for next year. A few ideas bouncing around - So next year we should be more organised, working smarter, concentrating our energies in the right areas and generally having a more rounded event!

On an unrelated note:
This is probably going to be my last post here. I've actually kind of enjoyed blogging despite my aversion to it previously.