The night after (and before)

Well.... The ASHS (Albany Senior High School) event was last night.

Wasn't a single presentation to be seen. Instead it was a much more personal chat about our respective subjects.

Meanwhile, there were probably around 30? (at a guess) students indulged a Nexuix tournament (It was the quiet ones who won - always watch the quiet ones). I was tempted to ask for a login myself (though I don't really get along with games based on the Quake 2 engine). The pizza went quick (I just about lost an arm), the coke quicker.

Meanwhile, 'tis the night before SFD, and all through the house, my network is being deconstructed. I swear, this is bad for my health. While demo machines are handled with care, a network switch just fell on the floor.

Yep - I'm excited. I've finally finished writing my presentation though I'm wondering if maybe the personal approach may be a little better. i.e. run the presentation on a loop and talk to anyone interested. We'll see how I go.

Really looking forward to having a play with the OPLC and Sugar, having another look at the RepRap - this might be very cool for schools. Come up with a design for something and be able to actually see a prototype... Arduino's - I had my first play the night before the Albany Event. They're just so incredibly cool... You would not believe. The programming behind them is so incredibly simple and the flexibilty of them... Brilliant introduction to electronics (being able to isolate components and learn about them rather than having to build a full circuit and then trying to figure out what the individual bits are doing).

So much to look forward to....