Time draws closer...

Well, it's just a few hours until tonight's event. The Albany event is shaping up to be an informal event which suits me a little better.

Anyway, about the arduino's - I've got 10 to sell tonight. I've opened one of them to come up with a demo - they're really amazing little units. It's a great way to get enthusiastic about robotics and electronics.

Even better, I think their educational application is going to be invaluable. They're fairly easy to get going with and get instant results so getting people enthused about them shouldn't be too much of an issue. Add to that the fact that it brings a whole lot of skills together - Maths (Ohms law), electronics - understanding resistors and other components, physics - when doing more robotics, programming etc.

So a bit more about tonight's event.

It's a LAN party (and we've been promised pizza). I've been told we don't have to do presentations - instead be on hand for informal chats.

Vik's going to be there with the RepRap and Graham's going to be showing off a LTSP implementation and talking about OpenOffice.

I'll be there from about 4 this afternoon.

I look forward to seeing who turns up.